Biofield Technology

NES Infoceuticals depict a quantum leap in serving to you attain the best possible nicely-staying. They're liquid energetic therapies 'imprinted' with helpful bio-data. Infoceuticals can tackle issues inside your energetic technique from the bottom up, helping to right blockages, problems and imbalances that will affect your All round Bodily and psychological ailment.

These are created to be taken at your house within an ongoing a person time a day protocol. Their good results lies in flawlessly matching an Infoceutical (solution) to a certain organ, procedure or sub-system of the click here body. The main advantages of the Infoceutical lies from the imprinted information and facts. Infoceuticals comprise filtered h2o and plant derived micro-minerals. These micro-minerals are the substances imprinted Using the corrective bio-details.

The imprinted data from the Infoceutical cure is instantly absorbed into the human body-subject. It then interacts specifically with your body-subject that can help handle blockages or distortions correlated to Actual physical, psychological, environmental, smog pollution, and chemical toxins. Clearing this sort of blockages and distortions will help restore your body's stability and enhances its inherent healing qualities - normally considerably further than what we ordinarily working experience with our chronically compromised bodies.

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